The New Standard for Billions in Digital Service Transactions

NOW is the time to grab your brand new AMF Tokens. Become a part of a new dawn for easier, faster, more profitable crypto transactions.

AMF Token


A universal token for digital service transactions

Imagine a crypto token that is a universal currency unit for social media, online ads and other digital services transactions. AMF Token is the future-oriented platform for visionary people, who are looking to make wise and long-term investments.

  • AMF Token is growing into becoming a global unit for digital service transactions
  • Integrations with various social media, email marketing, digital marketing and other platforms, will increase the AMF Token value, making it an investment with good perspectives
  • Making transactions with AMF Token, acquiring digital services will leave no footprint, guaranteeing the buyer full privacy and anonymity


State of the Art Design Makes This the

Preferred Choice

Forget your past frustrations using or investing in crypto. Our team of professional, experienced tech experts have built one of the most advanced systems in the world. It runs fast and smooth with none of the hiccups, slow downs, and overages common with older crypto designs. As longtime designers, we anticipated common problems of current platforms to eliminate those issues and drawbacks.
Experienced investors will appreciate the important advantages of AMF Token:

High cross-compatibility
Fast Adoption Rates
AMF Token illustration

Invest in the Exciting New Future

AMF Token is rapidly becoming the global currency of choice thanks to its advanced design, improved security, and ease of use for millions of individuals and businesses all over the world. It will be the first choice for an annual $250 Billion in Social Media Advertising. Get yours NOW to become part of this exciting future as crypto enters the next phase of mass use. Make AMF Token part of your investment portfolio, then enjoy the ride.

  • AMF Token is designed to perfectly fill the huge current need for an enlightened crypto currency used for purchasing billions in digital services worldwide.
  • Easily integrates with all popular social media, email marketing, digital marketing, and other platforms. This is already leading to wide use that is increasing the value of AMF Tokens. It's a great investment for very concrete reasons.
  • Outstanding security leaves no footprint giving you full privacy and anonymity. AMF Token lives up to the original dream for crypto that is easy to use, used universally, travels with speed, and costs far less to process.


We bring together

Social Media
Digital Services


Road Map

December 2021

The AMF Token is rolled out and available for purchase. Total of 1 million AMF Tokens being airdropped across existing AddMeFast users.

June 2022

API integration capability of AMF Token is under development.

December 2022

AMF Token can integrate with any platform for more accessibility and more types of transaction on different platforms.

June 2023

AMF Token is integrating with small and medium digital service providers, such as email marketing, social media and other platforms.

January 2024 onward

With all the existing integrations and partnerships, AMF Token will start attracting the biggest social media and digital service platforms across the world to start supporting its token.


Use Cases

Social Media

Started by AddMeFast, the AMF Token is applicable in social media boost, advertising and other service transactions

Email Marketing

Today email marketing services span from add-ons all the way to separate platforms. AMF Token is becoming integratable with all of them

Digital Products

AMF Token can be used to purchase software, video games, in-game purchace and other digital products.

Online Advertising

Banners, pop-ups on all different platforms, social media ads, you name it... AMF Token is integrating with them all

Current AMF price (USD)
Avg daily transactions
Available AMF tokens for sale
Purchased AMF tokens


Token Sale

  • Token name:AMF Token
  • Ticker Symbol:AMF
  • Maximum AMF for Sale:10 billion (technical limit)
  • Contract address:0xeecd101725b89b66f3e04f953ae0bb647c23fb8d
General description

AMF Token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.


Token Distribution

Token Distribution
AMF Token Allocation

Total token supply: 10,000,000,000

  • 60% Public sale
  • 8% Investors
  • 8% Team
  • 7% Marketing
  • 7% Advisors
  • 3% Project funding
  • 3% Community incentive
  • 2% Reserves
  • 2% Private sale


The Exciting Future of AMF Token

Depends on YOU

Many other tokens and coins are largely distributed among insiders. AMF Token is an exciting new crypto currency for millions of people everywhere. We are relying on the public to purchase the majority of AMF tokens. This gives YOU the opportunity to OWN this new revolution with AMF Token perfectly situated as the preferred way to buy and sell billions in social media digital purchases.

Social Media Advertising is one of the fastest growing industries in human history. Individuals and businesses of all sizes, in every nation in the world, are rushing to purchase digital ads on major platforms like Meta, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more that will be invented in the future.

This represents a HUGE need for a smarter token. AMF Token has been designed from the ground up to serve this giant market better than any other. Our future is bright to say the least.

Take a few moments to BUY your AMF Tokens. It's the wise investment that can provide handsome profits while giving you a front row seat to the crypto revolution.


Frequently Asked Questions

The AMF Token was created and launched by the team of AddMeFast, comprised of top notch tech experts. Founded around 10 years ago, AddMeFast helps people grow their social media presence and visibility with a total of over 7 million active users across the world.

AMF Token uses Binance Smart Chain decentralized system, which is one of the top, well-tested and secure technologies out there today.

Because the quantity of cryptocurrency is fixed, unlike the supply of government-owned currencies, investors believe cryptocurrencies will increase in value over time. Politicians can print currency at will, and as that happens those currencies depreciate, which in turn grows the value of cryptocurrencies.

Safely storing cryptocurrencies, quite much as stock exchanges, is also a difficult task. Our security experts have put together a security system specially designed and tested for AMF Token ensured by double-sign detection and cutting edge logic.



Alex - Team Manager

Alex earned a doctorate in decentralied networks and security protocols. His studies included artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies combined with applied mathematics.

Michael - Chief Architect

Michael has over ten years of experience in the financial business, where he has been in charge of developing technical teams, creating the high-level architecture of exchange and clearing systems.

David - Lead Developer

David has been designing exchange systems and financial trading software for over 15 years. He is always searching for innovative methods to increase the system's performance and scalability.

Anna - VP Marketing

Anna has more than 15 years of experience in digital and social media marketing, across various countries. She holds a master's degree with a thesis of researching marketing in general and its future trends in the tech sector.


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