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AMF is a utility and payment token that powers the AddMeFast network. It is a unique crypto for Social Media Marketing & Crypto Promotion.

A Universal Token for Digital Service Transactions

The AMF token was developed by the creators of Addmefast is a website for Social Media Marketing & Crypto Promotion. Created in 2008, Addmefast has gradually risen to become the #1 Social Media Marketing (Exchange) Platform with over 15.6 Million registered users worldwide.
  • has been online for more than 10 years.
  • Over 6.4 billion exchanges (likes, follows, hits, views, shares, etc.) are exchanged on the platform.
  • Over 12 Million monthly page views from more than 211 countries.

Why AMF token?

The AMF token was introduced to replace the point and reward system that was previously utilized on With the AMF token users on the network can now earn money as incentives instead of points (Engage to Earn). The AMF token provides a robust way for the AddMeFast network to accommodate the new internet, Web3.0.

Experienced investors will appreciate the competitive advantage of AMF Token:

  • High cross-compatibility
  • Interoperability
  • Fast Adoption Rates

Invest in the Exciting New Future

One of the flaws of cryptocurrencies is the volatile nature of the asset, mainly because it is mostly based on speculation and assumption. The AMF token was created with some of these flaws of existing cryptocurrencies in mind, hence it’s built based on fundamentals and not speculation.

  • Utility: The value of the AMF token is not based on speculation but backed by the utility of the AddMeFast network. Which have a capacity of more than 6.4 billion exchanges (likes, follows, hits, views, shares, etc.)
  • Sustainable System: Rewards on the AddMeFast network doesn’t come from inflation but from active usage by promoters and users of the platform (There are 15.6 Million registered users on AddMeFast with more than 12 Million monthly page views from 211 countries.)
  • Professionals: AddMeFast creators are tech experts who have built one of the most advanced systems in the world for SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and EXCHANGE.

We Bring Together

Digital Advertising
Decentralized Exchange
Crypto Promotion
Social Media

Our Roadmap


User Profile


AMF General Wallet (Airdrop), Token Withdrawal


Swap Function


AddMeFast 2.0, AMF DAO, AMF Token integration with other platforms

January 2023 onward

Monopolize Social Media Marketing & Crypto Promotion

Current AMF price (USD)

Avg daily transaction

Available AMF tokens for sale

Market Cap

Use Cases

  • Social Media - Started by AddMeFast, the AMF Token is applicable in social media boost, advertising and other service transactions
  • Email Marketing - Today email marketing services span from add-ons all the way to separate platforms. AMF Token is becoming integratable with all of them
  • Digital Products - AMF Token can be used to purchase software, video games, in-game purchace and other digital products.
  • Online Advertising - Banners, pop-ups on all different platforms, social media ads, you name it... AMF Token is integrating with them all

Token Sale

  • Token name:AMF Token
  • Ticker Symbol:AMF
  • Maximum AMF for Sale:10 bilion (technical limit)
  • Contract address:0xeecd101725b89b66f3e04f953ae0bb647c23fb8d

General description

AMF Token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.
Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

Token Distribution

AMF Token Allocation

Total Token Supply - 10,000,000,000

  • 90% Community
  • 3% Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 2% Project Funding
  • 2% Reserves
  • 3% Project funding
  • 2% Reserves

The Exciting Future of AMF Token

Depends on YOU

Many other tokens and coins are largely distributed among insiders. AMF Token is an exciting new cryptocurrency for millions of people everywhere. We are relying on the public to purchase the majority of AMF tokens. This gives YOU the opportunity to OWN this new revolution with AMF Token perfectly situated as the preferred way to buy and sell billions in social media digital purchases.

Social Media Advertising is one of the fastest-growing industries in human history. Individuals and businesses of all sizes, in every nation in the world, are rushing to purchase digital ads on major platforms like Meta, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more that will be invented in the future.

This represents a HUGE need for a smarter token. AMF Token has been designed from the ground up to serve this giant market better than any other. Our future is bright, to say the least.

Take a few moments to BUY your AMF Tokens. It’s the wise investment that can provide handsome profits while giving you a front-row seat to the crypto revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AMF Token was created and launched by the team of AddMeFast, comprised of top notch tech experts. Founded around 10 years ago, AddMeFast helps people grow their social media presence and visibility with a total of over 7 million active users across the world.

AMF Token uses Binance Smart Chain decentralized system, which is one of the top, well-tested and secure technologies out there today.

Because the quantity of cryptocurrency is fixed, unlike the supply of government-owned currencies, investors believe cryptocurrencies will increase in value over time. Politicians can print currency at will, and as that happens those currencies depreciate, which in turn grows the value of cryptocurrencies.

Safely storing cryptocurrencies, quite much as stock exchanges, is also a difficult task. Our security experts have put together a security system specially designed and tested for AMF Token ensured by double-sign detection and cutting edge logic.

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